Best amps match for Revel Ultima Salon?

Here is the subject: my friend own a Sony xa-777 es ( sacd player ), Premier 16 ls2
( Conrad Johnson ) (pre-amp) tube,Evolution 2000 ( Conrad Johnson )( amp ) ( 200 w/c) HYBRID, the listening room is 26 X 17 X 7 . He listen to all kind of music at a moderate to high volume. He feel know he want to make an upgrade on the side of the amp ( the evolution 2000 is getting old).
Any suggestions for amps upgrade he was thinking of a pair of mono block ?
Tubes, hybrid or SS that is the question ?
Also a separate dac for the Sony might be a way for an upgrade ?
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I own a pair of the original series ones and it has been my experience that the Harmon amps (proceed,ML,Lexicon,) have worked best for me. I was shocked the day I sold my Pass x600s and hooked up my Proceed Amp 5 to use until my new amps arrived. The Proceed sounded better than the Pass and ended up sounding better than the Cary Tube Amps I had purchased. I'm sure others might disagree. I seem to see a great number of Mac mono blocks in member pictures so that might be a good match also. Just my two cents.
Note that the speakers involved are the REVEL ULTIMA SALON 1 of the first generation.
BUMP, Try hegel gear with the ultima 1 series speakers and you may find no need to upgrade your speakers.