Best Amps match for Egglestonworks Andra 2 ?


I have a pair of Andras 2 powered by a pair of Pass Labs Aleph 1.2 themselves driven by a CD Audio Aero Capitole 2 and a BAT VK 51 SE. Pretty good system but I would like to gain more soundstage and even more musicality and rythm.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a pair of mono amps achieving an even better match with the Andras 2 and the Bat preamp than the Aleph 1.2 ?

Thanks for your help.
Lamm M2.2's sound very good on the A 2's.
I have the Egglestonworks Rosa speakers. Different speakers obviously, but many family sonic resemblances. I am driving my Rosa's with a Halcro DM38 stereo amplifier. I chose this amp over the Levinson 436 monoblocks for its sense of space, detail, and control of the bass. I have also demo'ed the DM58 monoblocks which were also outstanding, but I couldn't justify the additional $8K price premium over the DM38.

Incidently, Egglestonworks has often paired the Andra II's with Halcro amp's at shows. Check out the EW website.


China Brad
I lent my Dodd 120's to a fellow audiogoner who has the Andra 2's, he has owned the DNA 500, CJ 350, BAT 600, and preferred my tube amp to all above, so much so he ordered 1, and impatiently waiting
I have a very similar system to yours and I think that your problem is not the amp but CD. I have just borrowed the MBL 1531 (see my system pics) and it is MILES ahead of AA Capitole ... and I have had the SE upgrade.

The MBL will give you much deeper soundstage, amazing microdynamics, much better bass, more extended highs and one of the smoothest, most natural presentations around. I much preffered it to th EMM Labs CDSD/DCC2 combo I have tried.

The best part is that it cost ... only $9000. And BTW - the build quality is second to none.
I've tried a number of amps, first with the original Andras and then with Andra IIs, and the best by far have been the McIntosh 501s. Several years ago they were the amps Eggleston recommended with the AIIs and Savoys, although they may now be recommending others. The Macs and AIIs are a superb combination in every respect (although I must say that switching to Purist Dominus speaker cables made an extraordinary difference as well).
BAT VK 150 SE momoblocks. BAT synergy.
Yup, 711 is right. I borrowed his Dodd amps, and they truly controlled my Andra IIs better than any of the SS monsters I owned. Not only that, but they added the naturalness, decay, and harmonics that only tube amps can deliver. Highly recommended. The waiting is the hardest part. Sigh, still a month to go...
I use 200 wpc Lamm M2.1 hybrid monoblocks with my Andra 2 speakers. (I do use some NOS Amperex pinched waist 6922's rather than the stock Sovtek tubes that come with the Lamms though.)

These amps have a nice touch of tube mid-range magic, as well as a well extended treble response, (thanks to the NOS tubes, )with lots of decay to the cymbals. In addition, these amps really bring out the bass response in the Andra 2's, so much so, that I think I need to do a bit of room treatment. (I have a room with lots of room nodes, as it is 8' x 16' x 24'). However, there is nothing quite so satisfying as having deep, quick, tight bass response.

My two cents worth.
Audio Valve challenger Class A tube mono amps. Auto bias shows if tubes need replacing can run el34 kt88 and 6550. Designed for loudspeakers that are harder to drive like yours. Full balanced or RCA. Quite even on my 109db horn systems. Made in Germany. So of hi-quality.