Best Amps for Von schweikert 7se,9se,11se

Like to see opinions for amps to control these large speakers. Which amps have you heard with them?
Snook2, my VR9SE's are a few (2 to 4) weeks away.....and i have been considering the same question. the obvious choices for me will be the DarTZeel NHB-108 and the Tenor 300 Watt Tenor hybrids.....since i have both. I have only heard the DarTZeel so far on the 9 and 11 and only vertically biamped (two stereo Dart's....each running one speaker's Woof's and mid/tweet's).

the VR7's amplification needs are somewhat, but not completely different, than the VR9 and VR11. since the 7 does not have an integral 1000 watt subwoofer your amp of choice will need to handle a 4 ohm load that extends to 15hz.....although it is 94db efficient. that would call for 2 channels of amplification per speaker for optimal performance in a good sized room......or a single channel in a smallish sized room......assuming you want the speaker to plumb the depths it is capable of.

i want to point out that i have not heard the VR7's so my comments about it are based on the specs and what i know about the 9 and 11.

since the 9's and 11's do have the integral 1000 watt amp for the deep bass and the benefit of not needing to produce bass under 50hz. they also are a little more efficient. again, 4 channels of amplification is ideal if full potential is to be reached with the 9's and 11's.

i would say that the 7's will need at least 150 tube watts per channel and maybe more ss is so difficult to boil this down to specs as taste and synergy are so much a part of amp/speaker performance.

the 9's and 11's could live with a little less power so are more flexible.

the DarTZeel is the obvious choice as they were wonderful at CES (to my ears). i would expect the Tenors to be excellent too.....even the 75 watt OTL on the 9's or 11's.

the Von Schweikert's are quite neutral and have amazing clarity and coherence.....i would expect them to be very demanding of naturalness and refinement in any amp......also they have a very extended treble so need an amp that is behaved on top.....any edge or brightness will be a problem.

the Lamm would likely be synergisitic......for the 9 and 11.

you could list quite a few amps that might be candidates here; Edge, ARC, the top Rowlands, the big VTL's......for the 7's. for the 9's and 11's you could get into some mid-powered tubes maybe.

MES has tried a few different amps on the 9's.....he has by far the most experience with amp choices so far......hopefully he'll chime in here.

my opinion is that these speakers will demand the very best from an amp but will then deliver the same.
Snook2: Is there something that you are not getting with the amps you have?
Jtinn, the sound with the Manleys 250 on the vr-7se is outstanding. One always wonders if they are getting full capability.
Do you feel that more power would give you something you are not getting?
Jtinn, I am not having any problems with the sound. I am curious to find out what other listeners may be using.
Duh. He needs more cowbell.
Snook2: Go it!
How about the VAC Phi series? I believe the VR11s were biamped with Phi 220 monos at CES 2004 and Von Schweikert and VAC have been paired together at previous shows and also CES 2005 with great results. I thought the VR4jrs and the VAC Phi Beta integrated sounded absolutely incredible together at the NY HE2004 show. I use the Phi 220 monos with my Vandersteen 5As and I am amazed at how good they are. I've also heard some terrific sound in systems with the Manley 250s- great amps.