Best Amps for Martin Logans????

I am looking to upgrade on an amp and don't know which one would best match with my ML SL-3's. I've been reading up a little on amps such as Pass Labs X-150;X-250;
Krell FPB-c series; Jeff Rowland's and Plinius SA-102's.
Even thought of a monster size Krell KSA-300 (185 lbs.)
Many seem to favor the plinius SA-102's but their web site
recommend this amp to be used on speakers rated between 4
to 8 ohms and ML's are rated down to 1 ohm so I guess that
amp is out. Any suggestions? Greatly appreciate your responses.
I use the Mcintosh 352 with my ML Odysseys. Works great with plenty of power and can handle the ohm load of the ML's.
Try calling Frank Gow of Audio Classics in Binghamton NY ... I am sure he can point you in the right direction.
I run Blue Circle BC-8 mono's on my Ascents... Awesome !
You'll notice that the previous 3 posts all recommend something other than Krell. Funny thing is, many dealerships match ML and Krell in their showrooms. Don't know why. The strengths of ML are transparency and high frequencies. Krell's sound is analytical side of neutral, maybe a little dry and not especially warm. IMHO this is a less than perfect match. I have heard Maggies w/ Pass Lab amps which sounded involving together. Just some observations.
I use a Meridian 557 200 watt power amp with my ML SL3's with stunning results.
I used to run a Classe CA200 (newer version with heat sinks on the sides) w/ SL-3's with great results. I remember someone here saying that ML recommended Classe as well.
One of Blue Circle designer Gilbert Yeung's favorite speaker brands. Used ML's at CES to show off his gear..
I have a pair of Quest Z's that I am driving with a pair of Krell 250FPB mc's. I am very happy with the sound. ML speakers can present a difficult load for an amplifier so you have to be careful what you use. I have a friend with a pair of SL3's & he is getting a very nice sound using a solid state CJ amp & tubed CJ preamp. Another friend has a pair of Sequell's & he is using a class A amp of pro gear origin. He is also getting a very nice sound & like me he is using a Sonic Frontiers preamp. All three systems have high output amps with tube preamps & although there are some differences in the sound I could listen to any of them all day.
Contact Terry or Steve at Western Reserve Audio Design:216 521 0900.They have designed an amp for Innersound,which they are selling direct with 30 day money back policy.It was designed to deliver ^00w peaks,with no voltage drop to 50Khz {on stats ,no less}.Or talk to Bruce Jacobs/Sound World {920 733 8539} about this amp.
Love VACs (PA 90 D) with my ML. Also use XLO cable which, I think, makes a difference. Hope this helps. Tried Perreaux and Classe--like the tubes.

I started with a McCormack DNA 0.5 and moved up to a DNA 1/B. As you can tell, there are more than a few choices out there ;<{)
A lot of people like tubes with ML speakers. I use Odyssey stratos Extreme monos which are a solid improvement over the Stratos mono. I do not think that B&K or the PS Audio work well with the larger MLs. However, with the woofer pulling the bottom end I think almost anything will work.

I also heard the EVo amp sound spectacular with the SL3.
Conrad Johnson either tube or ss does an excellent job as well.
Here's a vote for ARC. I horizontally bi-amped my Prodigy MLs with a pair of ARC VT100 Mk IIIs and now downshifted to the same set up with Aeons. Tubes and ESLs are magic.
I second what Dannylw and Edesilva said. When I got my Aeons, I looked at all kinds of amps, including the Parasound monos that have gotten rave reviews. They sounded nice, but when I hooked a Rogue 88 Magnum up to the Aeons they just bloomed beautifully. Stats are fast enough to overcome some of the traditional knocks against tubes, and I haven't lacked for bass at all in my system. Try some tubes; if you have the $$, the CJ Premier 140 looks like the bomb, and Sam, when he reviewed it in Stereophile 2 months ago, had it hooked to Quads.
VAC with ML sounds fantastic (I use VAC Renaissance 70/70 with ML CLS). I hope this helps...
Mark Levinson 334 drives my Ascents very well; although I would love to try some big tube amps, like the ASL Hurricanes, someday. All in all though, especially with an AA Cap mark 11 warming things up on the front end, this match is working for me every day.
TUBES!! Second VAC 70/70 as an amazing choice with ML.
Depending on what your price range is... Innersounds ESL amp is a "match made in heaven" for Logan's, some of the best sound I EVER had was with this amp driving my ReQuests. Also, and in the same price range, the Spectron Musician II or Bel Canto digital amps will work magic with your ML-3s.

If you can step up a few notches, the Parasound HALO's will give you even more refinement and musicality. I'm using these to power my Prodigys with incredible results.
I second the ARC recommendation. I am using ARC VT200 to drive mt Prodigy's and think it sounds great. I also have a Classe' CAV150 in my HT rig that I have used to power them. It sounds really good too, but there is something about the tubes.
"Wow" that is a whole lot of options and it's a difficult choice to make for me especially with Tube gear since I've only auditioned them twice and thought they were a little too soft sounding to my ears but that's probably because I'm so used to the conventional amps. A lot of audiophiles
these days claim to get awsome results by properly matching
a conventional amp with a tube preamp and this is kinda what I had in mind to try. Thanks again guys
A Plinius SB 300? Have heard good things about this amp.