Best Amps for B & W 800D speakers

I have looked at several amps for 800Ds. The Classe monoblocks, the McIntosh 500w monoblocks and various Krell amps. Any recommendations for the best amps for these speakers for under $15,000? Thanks.
audio research , tube or hybrid , they are sweet together.
The Electrocompainet Nemo's were made to run the 800D's.
They put out 600 wpc into 8 ohms & 1.2K wpc into 4 ohms.
I just got a pair & they do sound more like tubes than any other SS amps I have heard.
Do a google on the Nemo's.
Which Audio Research amps do you have?
At that price there is lots and I would say to buy pre owned you could get a Pass X 600 monos for about 6k and x160s for 8k better than the Classe monoblocks, the McIntosh and the krell thats just my Opion.
If the budget is max 15k, i would rule out tubes and go with SS and the choice would be Classe Cam-400 monos. Regarding dwhitt's comment, I doubt vt-100 or similar 100w push/pull valve amp can produce the required synergy with these speakers. If the choice is to go with tubes, at least 200w/ch push/pull is required in order to get benefit. However powerful tube amps are rare and generally more expensive to a similar power ss amp. I also have N800 speakers, Vt-100 is not a match for the load of the speaker. However, vt-200, vm220, ref-210 or a similar power amp which has mimumum 200w with plenty of reserves can perform the task.
To me, with tubes you get a better soundstage, imaging, tonal balance and bloom but you give up a bit of dynamics, transient speed and grip wrt to a ss amp with 800D. It is your call.