Best amps 15000$ for Avalon Indra

What would the best amp, mono blocs or stereo, be under 15k$ for these speakers?
ROgue audio Zeus poweramp with Hera preamp
Bat VK-600SE
I heard the Avalon Eidelons at Audio Revelation, a dealer here on Audiogon. I think Jay was driving them with Jeff Rowland, and possibly, VAC Phi monoblocks(?). Preamp was VAC w/ a great vinyl front end.

The setup was pretty amazing. Just extremely balanced and coherent. No part of the spectrum called undue attention to itself, yet everything was beautiful woven together. Great drive and control.

Now, if Brink's would only be kind enough to leave one of their armored cars unattended and unlocked....
The Atma-Sphere MA-2 amps drive Avalon Eidolons beautifully. The Indra would be an even easier load for these amps. Used prices run within your budget and Ralph will check them out (and update them as necessary) to make sure they meet current factory spec.

McIntosh 2301 (tubes mono blocks) if you can get them used
McIntosh MC275 (run in mono with Gold Lion KT88s)
Hello Timnaim,

May I recommend an audition of the BAT 150se mono-blocks. I'm using them with Eidolon Diamonds and the sound is just magic. I think you can find them used in the 9k-10k range.
I wish you well in your search.

BAT and Edge from my limited experience.
Ceramic speakers always worked best with tube amps, I loved Einstein OTL monoblocks on the Marten Coltrane.
But for the Avalons I would suggest DMC 15 and DMA 250.
I pulled the trigger on Atmasphere with Avalon as well. This is based on several sources of info. I've got the amps, but still waiting for speaker delivery.

Best of luck,
I have the Indra`s and use them them with a Shindo Montrachet push-pull tube amp (40 watts class A) and have no trouble playing to ear splitting levels. The dynamics are very good.