Best Amplifier to Drive JBL 112 speakers

Hello, just picked up a pair of JBL 112 speakers in wonderful condition. The manual says they are rated up to 300 watts a channel but realistically what would be an appropriate amplifier to use with these assuming I spend under $1,000...also willing to consider an integrated approach.....if using a stand alone amplifier I have a McIntosh c712 Pre amp. Thx
I recommend solid state amplification for these vintage JBLs. 40 to 75 watts is plenty of power and will most likely yield the best sound. As in most cases, higher powered amplifiers typically do not sound as good as lower power models from the same manufacturer. Also, choose your wire according to what the speaker was designed with and you should get pretty good sound.
I owned JBL L112s in the early 80s. Nice little speakers I ran Yamaha, McIntosh & B& K electronics with them The McIntosh sounded the best. You have a Mac pre amp why not check aroung you can get a Mc used amp for a grand , If you tire of it you can get your money out of it later.
McIntosh 2105 105w Stereo Amp / Meters ! Amp-Solid $849.00

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