Best amplifier matching kharma Mini Exquisite sp

hello friends,i have the intention to change my kharma crm 3.2f speakers with Mini Exquisite ones as upgrade step.
My listening room is about 25-30 square meters with 2,5 ceiling .I would know from owners of these speakers which amplifiers do they use and if they are pleasured with their set up whenever plays music of big orchestras,if is achieved a pleasant sound stage and much instrumental separation or the result is tending to the omogeneizzation ?,As universally known in small groups of jazz or classic or vocal, kharma speakers are invincible.I am fan of SET amps of medium power 20-25 watts but are well come the experience of more powerfull amplifiers with these speakers
Thank you.
You may try the FM Acoustic, though it is very expensive it mate with Kharma Mini very well.