Best amplifier for original QUAD ESLs?

Many folks say the original QUAD II is the best amp. Others say the solid state wonders like the Pass Aleph 3. What is the best solution within the 33 peak volt constraint and the capacitive load? What amps can provide an extended top end without sounding strident in the midrange? Are any also suitable for the 63s and 9xx?
The THRESHOLD SA/1's mono blocks power amps. Perfect match for Quads & Logans. This is when Nelson Pass & Threshold were at their pinnacle.
I owned original Quads with the Quad II power amp. I switched to Threshold SA/2 monoblocks and they sounded a lot better. I tried ARC tube powever amps and while they sounded great with the Quads, I preferred the Thresholds. Caveat though, this is 10 year old info. But, I just sold my SA/2's a few months ago and they still sounded very good compared to the current crop of amps.
Audio Note P2SE. 18 watts single ended, class A power. Mentioned in Listener article regarding the availability of the new "original" quads. Will play the 63s in a smallish room but somewhat limited in dynamics.
Well since I own Original Quads and I'm a dealer for Sound Lab electrostats, I've had a chance to try a fair number of amplifiers with the Originals. The only solid state amp I've really liked with them is the Chord from England. Quite musical. The little 40-watt Clayton is also a strong possibility - it sounds very good driving the 63's. In tube amps, Atma-Sphere M-60's are magical in the mids but can be a touch loose in the bass. The larger models have no trouble. The little Berning ZH-270 is also very nice all around, and works quite well with the 63's also. A friend of mine builds custom 845-based SET's that are extremely sweet with the ESL's. The best I've heard them is driven by Thor 30-watt monoblocks, but that's a ten grand pair of amps. David Magnan, of Magnan Cables, uses stacked Original Quads as his reference system, driven by highly modified Atma-Sphere M-60's. I sell two of the amplifier brands mentioned.
Just inserted a Pass 5 and as of now that is the best amp I have tried, it puts out a safe 30 volts peak.