Best Amplifier for Dynaudio Contour 3.3s?

I have been building a system over the last two years which currently consists of: Dynaudio Contour 3.3s, Proceed AVP, Electrocompaniet EMC-I (24/192), Aragon 8008x3, and Ensemble Cables. I would like to upgrade my amplifier because the Aragon is too edgy and harsh. I know I need a lot of power for these speakers. I am looking for something that will be warmer and will improve the soundstage. Any suggestions?
The Dyns need a lot of juice to make them sing. I use a Plinius SA 250 MkIV (450 watts per channel-4 ohms) with my 3.3's. I am very pleased with the full dynamic range of sound, exceptional bass and it's realistic three-dimensional soundstage with an excellent balance of depth and width. I would also highly recommend Pass X350 (or higher). Tubes are another option and will definately add warmth. I'm not that familiar with many different tube amps, but the Atma-Sphere, Audio Research REF 300 or 600, and BAT have strong followings.
The new Plinius SA-102 has around 100 watts but dual transformers...extra high current. An incredible amplifier, I've heard. If you do not have a huge room this might work. Also check out the Ayre V-1 or V-3...outstanding amps.
Please check out Gryphon callisto 2200 integrated amp, 200 watts class A. It is perfect match with Dynaudio speaker.
Somebody wrote on an older thread on a similar question before that "Nothing drives Dynaudio's like Krell does, Nothing."
I agree, I'm driving my Dynaudio Contour 3.0's with an FPB 200.
I've listened to the BAT VK-500 (SS) on Dynaudio's at a dealer and I own the VK-500. I thought it did a great job at opening up these speakers (Confidence 5 and 3 and Contour 3.0) without losing "musicality" or giving any sense of stain at volume peaks. I am definately biased though, being an owner.