Best amplifier for driving Martin Logan Aerius?

I just a bought a pair of MLs, and am currently using my integrated Yamaha amp. They sound cold however. Are there some amps that are generally accepted as best for running electrostats, and MLs in particular? Thank you for any direction or advice.

Hans in Atlanta
You need an Aragon amp or equvilant at minimum. Altough when I first heard them back in '93 or so an Adcom GFP 565 pre and a PS Audio Delta series amp wired with Monster Cable 400 that gave a good result.

I owned Aerius, Aeons, and Ascents. I was using Odyssey Audio monoblocks at the time and it was a very good match. You can look up Odyssey Audio at Klaus, the owner of Odyssey, is one of the best person/manufacturer you will ever encounter in this hobby of ours.

With a receiver or integrated amp like yours, you need at least 80w/ch. If you want your Aerius to perform up to its potential, then you'll need a high quality amp that is high current in design - not necessarily high wattage. Class A solid state or tube amps with at least 80 watts would be best IMO. I use a Threshold T-200, but sometimes I'll use my T-100 with 60w/ch witch can drive my Aerius i's with absolutely no problem.