Best amplifier for $1000

I am looking for a NEW power amp to drive my beautifull Ellis 1801b.
My budget: limited to about $1100

After doing thorough research I decided that I need your opinion to confirm or not my findings. It seems to me that there 4 companies that are offering fair value for money: Monarchy Audio, AKSA Aspen, Audio Van Alstine and Odyssey Audio. I am pretty sure that if I will chose any of their products I won't go wrong.

Now, within my budget, I am trying to maximaze the value that I will get, having in mind that I won't need tones of power to drive my Ellis. So, after another month of reading and research I can conclude that the best value for money within a limited budget are (in order):

1. AKSA Aspen 55 with Nirvana Plus Upgrade
2. Monarchy Audio ST-70 PRO
3. OmegaStar 260 EX (AVA)

Unfortunatelly the Stratos seems to be a litlle overpriced compared with the others (in value/price terms).

Now, my question for those of you who had the chance to listen to at least 2 of the 3 from my list: Can you confirm my findings? Can you let me know your opinions?

Thank you very much
My first choice of that selection would be the Odyssey Stratos. It is a very refined amp and more powerful than it's rating would have you believe. I had the traveling 1801's for 6 weeks last year and the Stratos was a perfect match. This was the Extreme version, however. The Omegastar is an amp that I also considered but having had a Hafler for years, I always felt that mosfet outputs, also used by Van Alstine, left a veil around the top end. After using the Stratos, which employs bipolar outputs, my experience was that the presentation and detail retrieval was there in a way it had not been before. Obviously, not all mosfet designs are the same, just my .02 worth. A used Stratos sells for about $850. Save yourself the long break in period. These amps are built to last. Good luck with your quest.
some suggestions of some great solid state amps that are very good but difficult to find (rarely come up used)

pse studio v signature mono blocks- really rare goes for $800-$900 used.... there are also the studio v's mono which are very good also ( it took a $8k pair of classe cam 350 mono's to displace the pse studio v's from my system...

muse-150 mono blocks or 160 mk ii stereo...
You can pick up a used ARC VT-60 in Audiogon for under that
and the sound quality is remarkable with nice natural bass
and a wonderful magical midband reproduction if u like the sound of tubes.I own the ARC and would never let it go.
The ARC puts out 60 watts RMS but it sounds like it puts out 120,has 4,8,16,ohm binding posts,and I'm driving my Martin logan Quest Z with no problems.