Best Amplifier at $3000 for PSB or VA


I am unable to audition across brands especially on the combinations I would like:
Speakers are going to be either PSB Synch One or Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Grand (4 Ohm / 300 watts). I like a very highly defined sound, and very detailed delivery.

I am thinking of Krell s300i, Cambridge Audio 851 Azur.

I would like any feedback, suggestions or options for me to check out. I cant auditon a krell with a PSB or VA so I need to live off good advice.

p.s. I dont know if this is universal, but you cant seem to find the Krell s300i in the market these days. . . some China production issues. . . (by the way I am based in Singapore)
Bel Canto Ref series. Great with VA speakers!
Thanks for the inputs. Will wait till the Krell appears on the market. . . (not sure why there is such an issue with their supply). Will check out the Ayre too.
Check out the new Job amps recently released by goldmund.
Kelpie -

you will have several wonderful choices;
Rogue Audio

At one time or another, I have spent much demo time w/ the above amp selections and VA speakers!
You might be surprised how much the new Van Alstine Synergy 450 will do, check the review on" Enjoy the Music".
Caused me to buy one, the review is spot on ! Has the death grip bass of the Krell
but more tuneful in that area.On my Kef 104/2's sounds better than Krell or Bryston both of which I have driven them with.