Best Amplification for SACD?

Anybody want to recommend amplification (integrated or separates) for under $6K retail for my setup of Sony SCD-777 into Dynaudio 1.3SEs? Listen to mostly Jazz/Accoustic. Some rock but little classical. Aesthetics are important too - for example I find the Plinius stuff too ugly regardless of ability.
Consider the Jeff Rowland Design integrated amp. Very good sound quality with outstanding looks. Don't know whether it mates perfectly w/ the Dynaudio, but it's a very flexible piece of equipment.
A good recommendation. Another to consider, if you want tubes, would be the VAC Avatar. I think it would do well with the Dynaudios (it sounds very good on Dunlavy speakers with limited bass, such as the SCII and III), although I haven't heard it with the Dynaudios. Looks nice too. Or go for the Jadis Orchestra Reference, it is excellent at rendering acoustic instruments (again, haven't heard it with the Dynaudios).
The EAR 534 amp - tubes - great - balanced - chrome beauty - level control for each channel - mono capable - 3400 or less - someone has one for 1600 in Audiogon. Buy it.
Interestingly enough, both Sony and Philips use the Pass X600 monoblocks on their world SACD demonstration tours. I would say, given the fact that these companies could choose whatever amplifier they wishes for this purpose, that this would be a qualified vote in support of Pass Labs.
What kind of sound do you have now? Bright, lean, dark.. Hard to say without knowing all the details. What about your room? What are you looking for? mike
Look for something with a really quiet background, such as the Rowland recommended above, or for much less $$$ a $2,000 Marsh A400S (I own one, I'm not a dealer). I would stay away from tubes other than the mega-expensive.