Best ampli for Avalon Time

I have DCS Puccini, ARC REF 5 and Atma-Sphere mk III with Avalon Time.
I would want however power.
Wath recommend amps SS me?.
You have great stuff, try not to get carried away. For one thing there is never a best. The highly regarded SS amps are all over the mags. Why not try one or two and see for yourself or ask Avalon who they like and show with?
I'm an Eidolon / Velodyne user. My solid state experience is limited to an Ayre V-1xe and more recently enjoyed some NuForce class D mono blocks for different reasons. Both have since been sold.

I recently heard the Sanders Magtech driving a pair of older Thiel CS 7.2's which were previously powered and compared to a pair of Aragon's. A few months back we compared the Ayre to the Aragon's and the owner began shopping. Recently he used the Sanders audition offer and kept the Magtech. With the Thiel's the Magtech was obviously better at everything. If your into fancy casework the Sanders may not entertain.

My issue with some solid state is the congestion that creeps in at higher listening levels. The Sanders seemed to just loaf along unfazed. Check out the Sanders trial details and check it out.

Personally, I'm waiting on a pair of Bob Carver AT180's.
Has nobody tried Gryphon Colosseum vith Avalon?.
Pass XA and Spectral it sems too much a banal choice.
Consider Pass Labs for SS, BAT Rex for Tube.

Avalon shows with Boulder, Spectral, Ayre, VTL. None of these interest me.
Burmester 911 Mk3 monoblock.