Best amplfier for Dunlavy SC IV's

Can anyone suggest from their experience suggest a workable amplifier or amp-preamp combo for the SC IV's? Thanks
The Dunlavy line of speakers is so good. I've used Levinson #333 and #335 to drive the SC-V's and have heard the SC-IVa's driven by Bryston amps...both with great results.
Dunlavy uses spectron digital amps to reveiw or test there speakers and further more John Ulrich the designer of spectron amps built the amps that drive their active speakers that they showed at the latesed Ces 2000 show.Spectron amps are great amps and compare with Levenson and krell amp some of the best amps available.Check there web site and check and their much cheaper than the big boys but I'll betyou their better top to bottom and virtualy no ear fatigue that you'll get from Lev,or Krell
I have SC-IV's and use Plinius M16 pre (some might prefer a tubed preamp) and SA250 Mk-IV, though the SA100 is probably plenty of power with 91dB efficiency and 6 ohm impedance of the SC-IV. I have a Bryston 4BST, but the Plinius is much better (more revealing, open and transparent). I heard the Spectron but with VonSchweikert VR4's and thought it was a great amp for the money, but did not soundstage as well as the Plinius and didn't seem as open. To echo another's comment already entered, yes, Dunlavy says they get excellent results with the Spectron(but do not openly recommend it-may tick off other manufacturers.)BelCanto also just released a digital amp (the Evo.) You may be able to demo the Spectron as I did (call the company and ask for the demo dealers in your area- they ship the amp in a wooden crate and you get several to 7days to listen.) GOOD Luck!!!
My SC-V's sound great with high powered tube amps. I also have a Bryston 7Bst but on classical music I far prefer Melos Mono Blocks. I have also tried ARC VT-200 and CJ monoblocks. Both have excellent sound but it is a matter of taste.
The Dunlavy SC IVs sound so good it probably doesn't matter what you power it with. I have a Classe CA300 running them now and the sound is open, detailed, widely sound staged, with plenty of bass to spare. I tried them with the Bryston 4bst, but the treble is slightly cleaner, less harsh with the Classe. The SF line 3 helps as well. This setup sounds as good or better than any combination I've heard. But, I've never heard the SC IVs sound poorly.
BAT all the way: D5SE CD player 50SE Preamp VK60 Power Amp 1 or 2 depending on how loud you want it. This has the cleanist most natural sound. It's what was used at the CES.
I have experience with the SC 5's and SC 3's, but not the SC 4's. So, for whatever it's worth: I drove my SC 3's for five years with a Bryston 4B-ST and it sounded great (phenomenal bass and peak loudness). Now I have a VAC Ren. 70/70 Mark III on the SC 3's. Sounds nearly perfect. I don't know how the 70/70 would mate with the SC 4's however. I run the VAC with no feedback and thus who knows how the amp and speaker might interact. One of my closest friends runs his SC 5's with Sonic Frontiers Power 3 monoblocks (plus CAT Mark III, Naim CDX, TNT/JMW 10/Vdh Frog, and all Transparent Ultra) in an open room that lets on to three other large rooms. Wow! Goes loud as hell. Close to live music. Good luck.