Best Amp Under 3K

I need advice on best Amp under 3K - and home surround sound system. Currently looking at a B+K system.

Any help could be appreciated.
so, how many channels are you lookin' to drive?
Look for Used Aragon 8008x2 and/or 8008x3.
In a open system the sonic differences from these amps and the big dollar amps is small. VARY NICE Amps
B&K makes nice stuff, there is better out there but at what cost. I use a B&K 7250 5 channel 200watt is very nice, but Cornfedboy is asking the right question. What are you trying to Acheive 5.1 DD, DTS, EX, or surrond 7. And howmuch room do you have is a 100w enough, do you need more power. The B&K Av5000 or even the Av2500 is plenty if you have a small room.
stereophile recomended class b must hear to believe.
380 watts pr ch.@ 8ohms. 700@4ohms 90lbs of amp reatail
price of 1995.00
Thanks all, ended up going with B+K Ref Surround Sound