Best amp under 1k

I have several brands of speakers that range from 90db efficient to 100db. I do not listen at louder levels.
Looking for 3d sound (tube).
You could use a 2A3 based amp with your 100db speakers or a 300b based amp with either speaker (single ended amps). I have listened to a few models of both and find them to be more 3D than anything that I have experienced before which includes both SS and push/pull tube designs that I have owned as well as auditioned. I ended up picking up a 300b amp which I am just starting to play around with and have no regrets. Our listening practices are similar in that I listen at a level just high enough to bring out full balance and detail of the music (also listen to most types of music). Tube amps require a little more maintenance and expense than SS (but hey it's something to do) and are worth the effort IMO. I also have a solid state Musical Fidelity amp (which I also like) but tubes are and always have been my favorite. Some day I would like to try a tube preamp/SS amp combo for practicality as well as sound which is another option. My integrated (passive preamp) 300b amp was inexpensive and within my budget which is partly why I went this route, plus I have never owned a SET design before. I kind of liked the 2A3 based amps a little more balance wise but could not deal with the low power in my setup. You have a lot of choices but I recommend that try to incorperate tubes into them in order to achieve your stated goal.
You might want to consider the Odyssey Stratos. It is solid state, but has an almost tube-like musical quality, and is very transparent and dyanmic. It currently sells for $995, is built like a battleship and has a 20yr warranty. I would consider it one of the biggest bargains in high-end audio. You can check it out at or call Klaus Bunge (317)299-5578. Also, you can check out a review at