Best amp under 1k for Soliloquy 5.0s

Hello Everyone,

I just purchased a used pair of Soliloquy 5.0s with the matching stands. The recommended amplification of 8 to 200 watts really leaves the door wide open from low watt tubes to higher powered SS amps. If anyone has had experience with these speakers I would love to hear what they found to be the most pleasing combination.

At this point I don't have much of a preference between tubes and SS, simply because the only experience I've had with tubes has been in a Jolida 1501RC i owned a few years back. However, if possible I wouldn't mind trying monos (either tube or SS) simply because I've never owned monoblocks before and I'd like to give them a shot if it makes sense.

Just from looking around it appears that Antique Sound Labs, nOhr, Vincent, and NuForce all have monoblocks that are in this price range used, but I'm sure there are others I've missed. Are any of these options worth looking into?

Almost all of my listening is done streamed from an Apple Macbook Pro. My listening room is 14' b 20'

Thanks in advance,

Soliloquy made a model for low power tube amps. It was more sensitive. The 5.0 is nice but should have at least a 30 watt amp. Stick with EL34, 6550 or KT88 based amps. 300B, 2A3 and EL84/6BQ5s just won't have enough juice.
Try the Consonance SS amps very well priced and might be just the sound you want. P.S. Vincent is an OEMed - Sheg Ya I think??? maybe Consonance.
Thanks for the input guys. The speakers probably won't arrive for at least a week, so I plan on spending some time with them to get impressions in my current system and then making decisions from there.


Great choice in speakers. I've had mine for several years. No real desire to change. I've run them very happily with an Audio Refinement Complete (50 watts/ch). Never clipped the amp, but goes quite loud. I still have the complete, but am currently running them with a Monarchy SM-70 Pro amp. Only 24 watts, but the sound is quite nice.

A little tip about the 5.0's. If you decide they sound a little thin or sterile bolted to the factory stands, lift them off the energy sucking pads and decouple with some vibrapods (what I use), or couple directly with some cones such as made by audiopoints.

Lots of experience here.

Go solid state with something like a BVaudio PA 300Si. No longer made, but very reliable- dual mono design with 2 300VA torroids! Tube warmth midrange with solid state bass
When I visited the factory (back when they had a factory), among others they were using Art Audio on the tube side and Sim Audio on the SS side to voice the speakers. These might be two to explore. Personally I wouldn't bend over backwards just to try mono blocks, especially in your price range - just use whatever sounds best.

That said, I've used a McCormack DNA 0.5 Rev. A with 5.3s and now with 6.2s and am very happy with the combination. Congrats on your purchase and best of luck.
I don't have much experience with the 5.0, but I own a pair of 5.3 which I really enjoyed with a Cayin TA-30. I did try a few SS options, the favorite of those being a SimAudio Moon i-3, but I kept going back to tubes. In your price range, I would recommend the Cayin or the similar PrimaLuna ProLogue series.

If you're set on using mono amplifiers, used Quicksilver Mini-Mites are available well under your price target.

Good luck!
I had a pair of 5.0's and ran them with a Bryston B-60 integrated. It was awesome.

I sold the system because I moved cross-country and started over with a much bigger rig, but even though my current system is worth more than 10 times what the B60/5.0 is worth, I can't say that I get much more enjoyment.

So....if you can find a used B-60 out there, you won't be disappointed.

Thanks Rich

The Bryston (either the B-60 or B-100 if I can stretch the budget a little) sound like great options. Are these rare on A-gon or no?

The 5.0s are great speakers- I have run them in a room larger than yours with 10wpc. I also had the 6.0s for a while.

They did make a SM-2a3 for 2a3s and 300bs but in all honesty is want that good- it wasnt efficient enough.

A am very big fan of tubes, however- this is one speaker that you could go SS with. It is resolving but also one of the most laid back speakers I have ever heard. Bright is not the word for these. I almost worry that an el34 might be a little buttery for them.

If you really want to get crazy, try a pair or quad of the little Trends TA 10.1s. ($150 ea) I REALLY get excited about that potential pairing- you could even start with a single one at very little cost and then add more if you like.

Sophia Baby is another option- it has a sparkling top end which is really what I think you should be after.

Anything run in class A would be awesome too. The Monarchy's mentioned earlier would probably be really sweet.

However- as crazy as it sounds- I would actually try the trends. Having two on each speaker would be really cool- and I bet the synergy would be incredible.

Run a search if you are not familiar with them.
Joe- you could only use two of those little Trends. I'm not sure what I was thinking. The unit is technically already bridged due to the way the chip works. Even two would be awesome. At least give them a google.
Hey everyone,

I ended up going for the Bryston B-60, and am very satisfied with my decision. In comparison to the Teac A-1D I was previously powering the 5.0s with the Bryston has a significantly lower noise floor, focuses the image better, and has more control of the low end - just to name a few improvements.

My better half was questioning the value of upgrading the amp, so I set up a blind listening test, and she picked the Bryston as the one that sounded better every one of 6 trials. That seemed to convince her haha!

Thanks for all of your suggestions!