Best amp to use with ML Aeon i speakers ...

I am using a Levinson No 331, purchased earlier this year, with my Aeon i speakers. The sound is very, very transparent; by this I mean; cystalline highs, clear mid-range, and bass that is not at all booming. The problem is this; the sound seems somewhat on the sterile side, very analyitical, and not terribly realistic. I am not looking for a "sugar-coated" warmth in the sound, but would like to hear from anyone who is familiar with these speakers and amps. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The rest of my system; ML No 380 pre-amp, Meridian 588 CD player, VPI HW 19 Mk III, and Audioquest / Harmonic Tech cables. I listen to classical - small and large scale - and opera almost exclusively.
You may want to try a VTL amp. They seem to work quite well with the Logans and are especially known for removing some of the sterility of the electrostatic.

You may also want to look at changing the speakers versus the amps. I've heard the Aeons several times and they are really nice - for a particular taste - but it appears that their flavor is not totally making you happy. You may be able to get what you want easier by just changing speakers (There are alot of excellent speakers in the Aeon price range.) Your electronics already seem more than capable and, unless their is some synergy problem, I'm afraid a lateral move in electronics may not ultimately get you where you want.
The Levinson amps are very neutral and impose no serious coloration upon the signal going through them. IMHO your problem may be with your front end, or maybe your speakers.
I used a Hafler 500 with my ReQuests. I switched to CJ premier 11a and it was a great upgrade

I brought the 11a over to a friends who was using two Adcom amps on his Maggie 3.5's. He listened for a couple of hours and went out an bought Cary V12's monoblocks for the Maggies. A great upgrade.

I think tubes/stats go together.

Have Fun
I'm not sure a change in amplification is going to solve your problem.

You see, an electrostatic/dynamic hybrid is challenging because the sound pressure level literally falls off more slowly with distance from the panel than from the woofer. So if the room is too big and/or the listening distance too great, a hybrid will probably sound too lightweight in the bass. Conversely, if the room is too small, the bass will be excessive. It seems to me that a lot of the problems people have with their hybrid electrostats arise from this issue. If the Aeon can be bi-amplified, then perhaps you can adjust the volume of one of the amps and restore proper tonal balance.

Also, the lack of warmth sounds to me like a lack of energy in the reverberant field. Make sure your room isn't overdamped. I personally prefer (and sell) electrostats that have a wider radiation pattern, as this is conducive to timbral richness and warmth. Does your version of Aeon have the ambience tweeter? If so, it should be switched on.

Best of luck to you!

Duke's right, of course, but so is Steelhead. I have SL3 with a Sonic Frontiers tube amp and the combo is something special. While all SS has left me unimpressed with "dry & sterile" sound, tubes add body and more depth/spacial dimension. Before ditching the Aeons, try tubes. Add a little fun to your hobby!