Best amp to drive Wilson Yvette’s

I currently am looking for the right amp to pair with Wilson Yvette’s. I currently have a Pass 250.8. I think I’m looking for more headroom than what the Pass 250.8 can offer. 
I look forward to any thoughts or insights. 
Thanks three easy payments. I would have the same question. I moved from tubes (prima luna) to SS (pass labs) due to the fact I could not drive the speakers very loud with the prima Luna. Not sure if I could. I do like tubes, just trying to find the right pairing for the Yvette’s. 
Vitus. I have a sasha 2 vitus sia 025 combo.
Great combination.
What about a pair of used Parasound JC-1s?  I think they're around $5 now.  You can take the other $5k and upgrade something else in your system.