Best amp to drive Wilson Yvette’s

I currently am looking for the right amp to pair with Wilson Yvette’s. I currently have a Pass 250.8. I think I’m looking for more headroom than what the Pass 250.8 can offer. 
I look forward to any thoughts or insights. 
Listen for yourself and judge the performance.
Unfortunately, like many many speakers, the Wilson’s have an impedance dip in the 100-150Hz range down to 3 Ohms.

What does this mean? It means that the place to listen for amp differences is going to be in this range. Some stereo amps may perform better than some mono, so listen to see if there’s any difference, and if it’s worth the monetary outlay.


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ARC Ref 75se has plenty of power given the efficiency of the Yvettes. A very good match with no impedance issues. Wilson and ARC mate very well. A special combo imo. Most SS will not compare unless in the region of a Luxman m900u. 
How about an integrated? The ARC and Luxman integrateds are in that price range and do a pretty good job. :)

Thanks 4425. 
I guess I’m struggling why the Luxman m900u or Ref 75se would be any better and with more headroom than the Pass Labs I have now. Would love any insight. 
I appreciate the feedback!
Op when you say headroom what does that mean exactly, are you clipping the amp? Or are you looking for a more lively sound?

The Pass amplifiers are a little dark sounding so depending on your setup you may be looking for a more exciting sound then you are getting now.

You may be turning up the system to hear more detail so you need to evaluate all of your requirements.

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I find the Luxman and Ayre have a very different sound than the Pass, especially in the bass.

Really suggest you listen though, my opinions here are not shared by many.
I would second the Vitus if you can find one used. The best I have ever heard Wilsons sound was with tubes, but the system ran out of gas very quickly due to the low power of the Lamm amp in the system. Low level detail was exceptional on this system.

Audiovalve makes some higher powered tube amps that are really good. 
Surprised you'd think you need more headroom over what the Pass 250.8 can deliver.  It puts out 250 watts per channel into an 8 ohm load, which doubles to 500 watts per channel into 4 ohms. In stereo, the Luxman m900u by comparison delivers 300Wpc into 4 ohms continuously, although dipping down into 2 ohms the Luxman likely delivers more power than the Pass - but is that really helpful?
I'd vote ARC Ref 75SE as well. Gem of an amp and (relatively) inexpensive 
Maybe I'm totally missing something but how does the ARC Ref 75SE provide the OP with more headroom for the Wilsons than he is currently getting from his Pass 250.8?
Thanks three easy payments. I would have the same question. I moved from tubes (prima luna) to SS (pass labs) due to the fact I could not drive the speakers very loud with the prima Luna. Not sure if I could. I do like tubes, just trying to find the right pairing for the Yvette’s. 
What about a pair of used Parasound JC-1s?  I think they're around $5 now.  You can take the other $5k and upgrade something else in your system.