Best amp & source with Lamm M1.1 / M1.2

I'm owning a wonderfull pair of Lamm M1.1
I'm using a Teac/esoteric P30 drive with DCS Delius and Purcell as CD player.

I would like to share with those of you who know those amp, what are good match CD / preamp with Lamm M1.1 / M1.2

I know that because of the huge gain of the Lamm (31.5 dB), some preamp (like VTL7.5) can't work with the Lamm

As source (some of them able to be used as preamp):
- DCS Verdi + DCS Delius
- EMM Labs
- AudioAero

Preamp (with remote control !!):
- Halcro
- Hovland HP 200

Thanks to share your experiences !!

I ran into the same problem with my M1.1's... Rowland Synergy IIi worked amazingly perfect with remote (a requirement).

I now run a Theta Gen VIII DAC/Preamp that is truely excellent and has 2 analog input along with 4 digital inputs. Plenty of volumn steps like the Rowland. Truely outstanding DAC for redbook! highly overlooked..not analytical as the DCS equipment
David, you mention you have to be careful matching the preamp because of the Lamm's huge gain. Any idea what to look for in a preamp to know it's a good match for the Lamms?

I have answered this very question in this thread:

I'm very happy with my Capitole MK2 running direct to the Lamm. Mine doesn't have analog inputs though, so I am planning on adding a preamp soon. Most likely, it'll be the Lamm LL2. I haven't heard it yet, but based on the L2, reviews of the LL2, and other preamps I've heard (and been less than satisfied with) I think it'll be just what my system needs.
The Lamm LL2 responds really well to tube rolling. You can have great fun tailoring the sound to your liking.