best amp solution for ht and 2 channel

I just ordered an anthem avm20 preamp and now I am looking for an amp(s) to go with it for a 6.1-7.1 system. Initially I thought I would get a 7 channel amp but worried that it would not sounds as sweet in just 2 channel stereo. I've thought about getting 2 3 channel amps to round everything out or perhaps a 2 channel amp for just the mains and then a same brand 5 channel amp for the rest of the speakers but worry that not having the same amp pushing the speakers across the front may not match up well for home theater. Any thoughts on this? perhaps I'm being too paranoid.

avm20 preamp
b&w 604 s3 lcr600 s3 mirage omnipolar fx surrounds
svs 12" sub
When faced with a similar dilemma, I went with a Krell KSA 200 for the mains and a Krell KAV 500 for center and surrounds. They blended pretty seamlessly.
DO NOT RULE OUT THE Integra Research RDA-7 BAT designed 7 channel amp. Fabulous 2 channel, and home theater-a-plenty!

At 120lbs, a beast with finese.

simple solution

spend al your money on music

2 channel only
I'd get a two channel amp for front l&r. Then get a 5 channel for the rest. IMO, your speakers will differ in sound more than the amps will.

What is your budget?
I'd say somewhere around 3000 total but I can spend more if I have too. I've considered the anthem amps but haven't had a good oppurtunity to listen to them and they don't have my speakers in their listening room so I don't know how helpfull auditioning would be.
Odyssey amps might be worth checking out, they have stereo and three channel amp that can be had at around $2,500 for both

Read up on the Odyssey Extreem Monos. If you think they are right for you order them and pick up a 5 channel amp for under 1K.