Best Amp + PreAmp for Esoteric X-03

I just got my player - Esoteric X-03.
Looking for best Amp & Pre Amp to partner with.
I am considering the following:
Audionet Amp 1 + PRE 1 G2 w/ EPS
Advantage / Bladelius S150 + PRE S2
Innersound iPower330 + Reference Pre Amp
Pass LAbs X150.5 + Pre X2.5
Bryston 4B SST + BP 26

Wouls like to hear your suggestions.

Wouldn't the pairing depend more on your loudspeakers than on your source?

My speaker is ProAc Studio 140
As I use UX-3 SE I´d highly recommend looking at Ayre or Nagra gear as synergy is very good. Depending on your personal taste you can fine tune its sound by using either Shunyata, Electraglide or Virtual Dynamics power cords.
My speakers are Ayon Falcon S latest modell, modded Ayre K-5xe + V-5xe as well as Nagra PL-L. Former cdp were DV-50 S (modded) and Audio Aero Capitole MK II SE.
I have X-03 connecting with Mcintosh C2200 preamp and Mcintosh MC501 and B&W802D. Very lovely + dynamic sound (according to my ears and mind)
The only important synergy occurs between amps and speakers.
A good source will work everywhere, a good pre too imho, so maybe you could try a few amps with your speakers and forget about the source (which i really love).
My system run with Plinius SA102 and Plinius M12 and M16 but the cable important for better sound .
Recently purchased the X-03 to mate with Joule LA-150 tubed pre, Bernig ZH-270 Amp, and Merlin VSM-MX speaks, Cardas ICS and Silent Source PCs. Heaven.