Best amp/pre or Int under 3G's for Klipsch Forte's

Currently have Adcom 5500 amp with Denon 560 CD no pre. Looking for a warmer sound without going tubes...maybe a nice pre to go with existing amp? Any suggestions would be appreciated......JMel
Look at the Jolida SET (8 wpc) for under $1,000
May I suggest NAD gear. The newer stuff is warmer than your Adcom but closer to neutral. I have used 200w/ch B&K amps, vintage 150w/ch 80's Denon seperates and 80w/ch integrated, and 125w/ch NAD seperates, 125w/ch Marantz monoblocks with my Klipsch Fortes, all neutral/warm with great success.

Here is a great affordable combination:


You sure don't have to spend $3000.00 for the Fortes to really sing.

I've heard them sound sweet with smaller Belles amps.
These are very versatile speakers, and will be a great match with almost anything as long as you do not overload the horns. Like most Klipsch Heritage speakers, Fortes are a great match with low-powered tube amps. The exact match will depend on your room, your musical tastes and whether you are mainly an analog or digital guy.
Thanks guys, a big help as always