Best amp/pre for AP Virgos

I just purchased a pair of AP Virgos and love them. I have heard that the Virgos love tubes. I am currently running Odyssey mono's with a passive pre. I would like to spend around 2.5K for amp and pre used. Any suggestions?
It really depends on what you want from the speakers.
They really like power in order to show some bass.
I would go either with a big power tube amp or a solid-state
amp with a warm character of at least 250W.
That's a tough one. Unless you're grossly dissatisfied with the monos' sound, I would suggest you try a(n) active pre(s) to gauge the difference -- before you embark on mega$ changes.

Otherwise, I agree with Rhagen: big tube amps would be the norm. I would add, detailed, too.

Good luck!
hiflyer, i don't tink yule be able to find yust a toob amp to work w/yer speakers, let alone an amp & pre, at yer budget, if high-power is what's needed. mebbe used, but still no $$$ left for a preamp... i know *i* can't afford it. that's why i'm sticking w/my electrocompaniet amps! ;~) from what i've hear about the odysseys, i'd stick w/this, too, & spend the money on a fine toobed preamp. my personal preference is for melos; from what others have to say, the joule electra mk-lll & would be on my short-list.

doug s.

I agree with Sedond. Keep the Odyssey mono's and pair them with a tube pre. Joule apparently makes a good pre(although I haven't heard it) and also check out the Rogue 66 and 99.
Thanks to all for the great comments. The Odyssey mono's are very musical and I really like them. I am on a quest for a synergistic tube preamp to match with them. Any Odyssey's owners with sucess stories???