Best amp/pre-amp for Vienna Acoustics Haydn ?

I'm looking to spend around 2K for the pair. Used is fine / preferable. One suggestion I had was Adcom GFP 750 / McCormack DNA .5. I was told to buy adcom new since there were build quality issues with some.
Other suggestions please.
Congrats, for your nice speakers! How about used Bryston and Rogue 66 used (just about 2k) or you can use the same Adcom GFP 750 with Bryston. As to Bryston you won't have to worry about built quality!

My amp/preamp setup is arround $1300 used: VTL MB100 monos and dual-mono DIY passive input-selector and attenuator(s)
if you consider tubes.
Hi Snipes. The combo I'm using is the Blue Circle BC21/BC22. The BC21 is a tube preamp which sells for $1500 new, but can be had for about $700-950 used. The BC22 is a solid state amp which retails for $2150, but you could probably find a used one for $1100-1300. So if you're patient and do some shopping, you should be able to find the combo within your budget.

I find this combo to be sweet, warm, detailed and more than enough to drive my ProAc Tablette 50 Signatures. Your Haydns are great little speakers and I think the Blue Circle gear would be a nice match with them as well.

Also, I think Marakanetz's idea of using the Rogue and Bryston gear is great. Everyone loves Rogue gear, and the Bryston has a 20 year transferrable warranty. Good luck!
McCormack makes great SS equipment. I'd second that amp reco. I can't second the Adcom. I don't care for Adcom sonics, and if they have reliability issues, why would you even consider it. How 'bout the matching McCormack preamp? What features do you require in a preamp? Phono? Remote? I own the VA Beethovens, I've found Classe equipment to mate well with them also. I've seen used Classe CP-50 preamps on the used market for $800-900. They are hard to beat at that price. If you crave tubes, I'd recommend an Audible Illusions preamp, you could grab an L1 for around $700.
Good luck, and enjoy the Haydns.

The McCormacks are nice. Someone over on was commenting on what nice amps they are and how steve mccormack doesn't get much credit compared to alot of the other designers. Bryston are pretty good too and have been around along time with their lifetime warranties. The Van Alstine solid-state and hybrid units are also really good for the money. I'd stay away from the Adcom and Parasound crowd. There not bad, they just aren't in the same league the aforementioned.