Best Amp/ Pre Amp for PSB Imagine T2

I am setting up my first audio system & just bought a pair of PSB Imagine T2s. Now I am looking to buy an amp/pre amp or integrated amp for these speakers. All my music is digital on a PC (or that is where I'd like it to be). My budget is 2-2.5k . Would greatly appreciate some advice.
Here are some that I've considered so far:
SimAudio Moon Series
Bryston B60 (need a DAC)
Bryston B135
I have the Imagine B bookshelves, fantastic speakers. I use an Outlaw RR2150 which has 100 wpc, dac, phono, bass management and is a 2-channel dream. Since purchasing the RR2150 I have also owned Emotiva xpa-2, Bryston B60, Exposure 2010S2. I have sold all and kept the RR2150. It is very good.
I have the t2 paired with a hegel h200 and the system sounds amazing.