Best Amp/Pre-amp combo for $2000 -2200

I am considering getting back into separates. Two years ago, I replaced my 20 year old separates of a Conrad Johnson pre-amp and an Aragon amp with a Creek 5350SE Classic integrated amp. The Creek has many virtues---a low to black noise floor, excellent micro dynamics and detail, and surprising dynamic range. However, it is limited in power, has average soundstage depth, and not quite as transparent or full as my former CJ/ Aragon combo. The CJ PV-8 was well built with good features, but was somewhat noisy. The Aragon 4004MKII amp could at times sound hard in the high frequencies. I realize that some of these vices were possibly related to other components in the audio chain over the years....With that said, I prefer an amp that is at least 100RMS, and don't need bigger. Despite the need to replace tubes, I am drawn possibly to another CJ tube pre-amp "without" a phono board. I would have to buy used because new CJ is out of my price range( I recently purchased a Rega P3-24 with the Elys II cartridge, plugged into a Creek phono board) Therefore, I will possibly consider, if I go separates, an outboard phono box with more cartridge flexibility. My original CJ PV-8 had a very good phono stage, but also was somnewhat noisy. I would like to keep this re-upgrade project to about $2000, calculating turning my Creek integrated amp for about $1000-1100..... I am open to all recommendations and advice..... (The rest of the system is a pair of Silverline Preludes II with Analysis PLus Oval 12 speaker cable. I still have an Audio Magic Spellcaster II interconnect which is very good, but tends to sound bright.... Also, Audio Prism 116 power line conditioner.... Thank you, Jim
The used Ars Sonum integrated that I just saw listed here would be a great match, but it won't last long. Cheers,

quad 909 + quad 99 pre..............disregard quad-link
supplied (although it is a balanced connect) and use cardas golden reference

i use this with a 3rd quad piece the "cpd-2"//
careful observation will find you a 909 and 99 pre for
around 1400--even with the cardas "new" you come out at your price point.........
Many thanks to the members who have responded. Regarding Quad electronics, I have read a review of the cpd-2 in TAS, but have decided to buy a Rega Apollo when the funds are available. I am using a 20 year old Sonographe CD player. I have not considered Quad electronics before, only because of some of the hook-up glitches of their early models, and because there were other companies building better products. However, I will definitely take a look at the new Quad electronics....Jim