best amp new or used for 1200

i am running 804 nautilus
Ginntonic: I own the Sherbourn 5/1500 amp. It has 5-separate amps built into 1 chasis-5x200watts. I did alot of research and this for the buck pounded others. I will take it against anthing in it's price range.It retails for approx. $2000. but you can get it much better. One is presently for sale on audiogon [Sherbourn] for $1399. or maybe less,[close to your price]A little background on this company- the owner came from Mcintosh, so odviously he knows his stuff. Yes I am veeery happy-it kicks butt, and clearly too. I am sure you will get many other opionions from others, so Good Luck with your choice.
You may be able to get either a Bryston 4B ST, Aragon 8008ST (or 8008BB0, or a Mccormack for that price.
Probably can get a 3B-ST for that, but a 4B-ST may be a tougher find. McCormack and Aragon both good choices too. I've done both passive bi-amping (4x100W) and bridging (2x300W) with a Citation 5.1 , or consider the 7.1 (4x150W or 2x450W, all at 8 ohms but stable well below 4) ... should be available for less than $700 and $1000, respectively. Very high value IMO.
In addition, demo the Blue Circle BC-22.
Used Quicksilver Mono's.
What about the Odyssey Stratos everybody was talking about a few posts ago?