Best amp match for Dynaudio Contour S3.4 under $2K

Ok so I really could use some help directing me to a quality pre-owned class A solid state amp to replace my Adcom GFA 555. I am using an Integra DHC 9.9 as my pre/pro, and I listen to alot of rock, blues, jazz, and female vocalists, mostly on CD.

I was considering the McCormack DNA-225, which I am sure will be a noticeable step up, but I would like some additional recommendations that more experienced audiophiles or audio enthusiasts might have, based on what would pair best with my existing gear. I want something that will make me want to listen for hours, providing a deep and wide sound stage, with presence, detail and impact. But I need to keep it under $2000 (used), and preferably closer to $1500. Your comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I am having great results driving dynaudio 1.3SE with BAT VK200, so perhaps BAT VK500 will do it for you.
For my Dynaudio 52SE/Sub20A combo I was using a Rotel RB-1092 amp. This mated very well with the Dyns - high current, high power. This Class D architecture impressed me for the $$. I recently have replaced my Rotel front end with McIntosh gear. It took 3X the $$ to get an audible improvement. I do have my previous pre and amp for sale.