Best amp match for Dynaco PAS-3x?

I am the new owner of a PAS-3x in excellent condition, or as it's been represented. Now I need a decent power amp-hopefully something less than $500 that has some grunt to it. Rotel? B&K? Van Alstine? ???I'll be using either Cantons or some variety of Tannoys with the Dynaco, listening to a wide variety of music but with a focus on jazz and classical. I need input(no pun intended)-I'm pretty new to this game.
This preamp, not using a cathode follower, has a high output impedence. It was designed to be used with tube power amps having a high (250k or higher) input impedence. If you choose a solid state amp, be sure that it has an input impedence of at least 50k. You should also use low capacitance interconnects and keep them as short as possible. Not more than 1 meter. Don
The amp selection is all depends on the speaker selection. Tannoys and Cantons are usually around 86db to 89db. Therefore, you'll need at least 35Watt/ch to make them sing. I have no problem matching my PAS-3 to any tube amp I own from 6Watt SET to 55Watt push-pull regardless of music selection. I would look into 6L6GC type of amp. I personally don't like EL34 tube sound.