best amp match for apogee caliper?

i just bought a pair of apogee caliper signature and i am curantly running them with my old bryston 4b(who by the way
do an excellent job).but i want to upgrade my amp,here'what
interesse me;krell ksa300s,bryston 14b,classé ca-400 or if i can offord lamm the person who had experience
with the apogee caliper ,what would be the best match.
associated equipement;denon 3520(whale elite mkII power)
conrad johnson pv-11(syner.reas master)
bryston 4b(syner.resa.master)
nbs interconect
xlo reference 5 speaker cable(biwired)

thank you
and enjoy the music
forget all that
i would get a good tube amp
Tendollarman - the Apogee Calipers are 3 ohm speakers that demand a lot of current to function well. I don't think this is tube amp territory (much as I love them with the right speakers).

Of the choices listed the Krell and the Classe are tried and true.
Hi Tabu, I am a fellow Apogee owner (Stage, Duetta Sigs, and Scintilla.) Those are all good amps you've mentioned. I'm partial to the Pass Labs X series amps. You can find all the Apogee info you can stand and more at our friendly Apogee forum:
Hello, I have owned a number of pairs of Apogee's including the 1 ohm Scintilla (two pairs-I must have been on crack). Anyway I think one of the finest amps built to run the Apogee load and still sound musical is the Coda System 100. It was pricey but can be found on the used market from time to time. There is a Coda 10 on the gon right now that I found to sound good with the Scintillas and Duetta II's also. He only wants $750.

As far as tube amps you may consider a pair of Quicksilver Silver 90's. They had 1 ohm and 4 ohm taps for ugly loads. Those amps can be found for around a grand. Most other tube amps are optimized for 5 to 8 ohms. I think VTL is 5 ohms. Anyway, I hope this helps.
Apogee's in-house reference amps were Classe. Jason Bloom was extremely fond of Classe amplifiers and used them extensively at audio trade shows to show off his line of speakers.