Best amp for Wilson Sabrina

Hello friends.  Thinking about an amp for my Wilson Sabrinas and would like the thoughts of the collective.
I use BlueSound for the rest of the home (in ceiling, sound bars, etc) and would probably stream from a Node 2i when being lazy (and want the same tunes throughout the house) and directly from the amp/DAC/pre for serious listening serious I want to listen.

- Boulder 866
- Sim Audio 330 and 390
- Pass Int-250
- Goldman Telos Integrated

Thanks in advance your thoughts.

I believe Boulder uses complimentary BJT (bi-polar) output transistors in their amps, these are far better for current delivery into low impedance, and better suited to low impedance and -phase angle EPDR load of the Sabrina than complimentary Mosfets (Pass) would be, I don’t know what the other amps use.

From 50hz to 200hz they have an nasty loading for amps to see, especially at 75hz.

Cheer George
To boot brent, the Boulder has an dac in it as well, which is based around Boulder’s flagship 2120 DSD DAC
Cheers George

I can’t speak to the Sim Audio or Goldmund but I had the Pass and Boulder at the same time and tested both with Wilson Audio Sasha 2’s. The Pass is a really terrific amplifier but to my ears on the Sashas, the Boulder was clearly superior. The dac and streamer is surprisingly good. The dac section gives up nothing to the Aqua La Scala Mkii Optologic from one of my other systems. As an aside, I also chose to purchase the Boulder and previously passed on a Gryphon Diablo 300. As a matter of fact, this is my second Boulder 866 purchase. I dont know how they did it for less than $20,000. Go hear one to see what you think. It may or may not impress you equally but its astonishing what Boulder has achieved with this one.

With that A/B and endorsement from ghasley , looks like the Boulder is a no-brainer 

Cheers George 
agree with ayre

more value oriented, but truly excellent ss amps would include van alstine and odyssey

don’t know how highly you prioritize the notion of value for money in your choice
The all new Dan D'Agostino Progression Integrated would be the perfect match..
 I'm thinking about getting this amp at some point matched with the much better Wilson Audio Yvette speakers...I believe the Yvette speakers has the best mid-range in Wilson's whole line !.. 
Best kept secret..
Check out the AVM Ovation A 8.3 integrated.  It has enough power to drive the Wilsons, has a wonderful feature set and a neutral to slightly warm sound profile that will compliment them beautifully.  

Full disclosure, I am an AVM dealer but that is more because I am a huge fan of the product line than anything else.  
highend666... I have the dag integrated with Yvettes. Can’t imagine anyone would be unhappy with this combo. The dag is extremely smooth with the best midrange I’ve yet heard whether tube or SS. Also the final version is quite beautiful imo. 
When I was searching for an amp I seriously considered Simaudio.  But when I looked at how close the speaker terminals are I was darn near terrified.  They are crazy close.  If one wanted to use bare wire, one little errant strand and POOF it would be a SimArc Welder.  Ended up with a Krell unit.  
I auditioned the Dag Progression integrated with Sabrina X's this weekend.

It was being used only as a power amp, with a DCS Bartok as the DAC/streamer.

It sounded fantastic, really brought the speakers to life over the McIntosh gear to my ears. Though I can't vouch for the fully integrated Dac on the Dag, nor am I fan of the looks (a little blingy/espresso machine for me), I'm positive it's a great pairing for the original Sabrinas.

I'd like to try them with the Moon gear as well, as they pushed some of the other reference speakers I tried really well.

sonictomb, I own the Wilson, D'Agostino, and dCS combination. I use Transparent Audio cabling with this combo. Each these four companies use the other's products (but different components of each company's products like the Alexx V, Vivaldi, Momentum) are used in voicing their own component. That is why this combination sounds so great together. I had the Sabrina and dCS Bartok and was hoping my Pass INT-150 amp would not be bettered by the Progression amp, but it wasn't close (multiple friends all agreed it wasn't a close call). The only problem is that you can't unhear how good they sound together, so you better be ready to pay the price, or just don't hear them all in your home on loan from a dealer that carries all these brands!