Best amp for Von Schweikert VR4SR mk2?

What is the best amp for VSA VR4SR mk2? $3000-$4000 USED
Thank you
Mine sound great with bel canto ref1000 mk2. I bet pass would do great too
I liked them with the parasound JC-1. I still have fond memories of it
Sorry to sound like a broken record but "Best" is in the eye/ear of the beholder. There is no definitive "best" anything, it's all subjective. When you ask a question like this, the answers will always be what folks think is "best" to them in their system.
Having and loving the sound of McIntosh with my VSA VR4Jr's, I would suggest you would be in for a feast for your ears. Vons sounds great with SS or tubes. Good hunting.
When I owned the Von Schweikert VR4SR mk2 I used a Pass Lass X350.5 Amp. The VS seemed to require quite a lot of power. By that I mean the Pass meter really bounced even at moderate listening levels.
I would call the company.
Thank you for all your response. Glenfihi What Mac are you using? Ejlif I had the JC1's I like them except for the heat and reliability issues. Anybody here using or tried Spectron Musician 3 mk2 Signature?
I have Spectron mono's with my VR4-jr euro-mods. I started with a single stereo amp with bybees and vcaps. I was real pleased so I added the other..probably overkill for me but I couldn't resist. The Spectron replaced a Bryston amp..I couldn't believe the difference. I think Spectron used to be Albert's go to s/s I think Channel Islands took that spot. Even knowing that I don't think you can better the Spectron. Very smooth when coupled with tubes upfront.
I used to have a Pass X350 my VSRs (not the 4s, though) and really liked it, especially in the mids, highs, and with percussion. Great purity in this combo. No tubes in the chain, but it sounded fine anyway, kind of tubey.
Ozzy I think you are right, they are hard to drive. The specs claim 92db sensetivity, but I think the impedance gets real low.
Vac has always been my choice driving VSA speakers(not 4's). McCormack DNA-500 if you want solid state.
Elly, I am using the McIntosh MA6600 integrated amp which has 200 watts per channel. Used they may be had for the top of your price range. I purchased mine new, on an very good deal for less than five thousand. I have also used a tube 55 watt integrated amp to great results. As good as it is, and I really enjoy it, I like the McIntosh better. Happy hunting.
Fplanner2010 What preamp you were using with Mccormack DNA500?
Vac Phi 2.0, I believe. Real nice synergy, but of course not as good as the VAC:VAC which followed.. :-)
I bought a McCormack DNA-500, I should have it by next week, now I need help for a Preamp that will work best with DNA-500. Thanks
You might try McCormack's new preamp, which wasn't around when I was using his amp.
For my VR4SR's I use Nuforce Reference 9V3 SE monos and with proper vibration control (Hyperion Magnetic floaters) and mass loading (5lbs diving bag on top), they sound great. These tweaks are necessary because the amps are only 7 lbs each. Can leave them on all the time as they draw 2 watts at idle so are always ready and warmed up, and take them to friends houses easily to compare and for fun. Front end is Ayon CD5s. These amps are able to control the speaker really well across spectrum and allow it to express finess and naturalness.
I believe that these speakers were developed with Spectron amplifier. I know that John Ulrick of Spectron has these speakers and use his his Musiican III Mk2 (stereo) with them and thus I suspect that there is a great deal of synergy between them.

Good Luck