best amp for von schweikert vr4 jr vr4 jr's

looking for sound stage resembling the real thing when using vr4 jr's which power amp and or preamp will give me this. i listen to predominantly opera and some percusion music(brasilian) among other styles as well. just for fun i will say i think the best sound i have ever heard came from top of the line $45,000 mbl speakers, sounded so so so real just amazing - i want that, but the $4,000. vr4 jr's are incredible too and for much less let's put our thoughts on this together and see what we could come up with. what combination would give the greatest impression. we can turn this into a competion.
I just heard these with both a Butler TDB-2250 and a BelCanto eVo6 Gen II bridged into dual-differential mode. Both were spectacular - the Butler giving even more body and texture to the VSA's very nice midrange, and the BC exhibiting a little more grip and control at the lower end. If percussion is your thing, I'd choose the BC ... vocals and strings might favor the Butler.