Best amp for ThielCS6.

I just sold my Krell fpb200,and need a new amp for my Thielcs6's wondering if a bigger Krell would be better or something like Pass labs, or even Classe.
Thank's for your sugestion's
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I just went in and fired up my 4 year old CS-6s I am using a McIntosh mc-500 and I can't imagine them sounding any better they are connected with Nordost Valhalla's to my estimation a very very good presentation. When I first auditioned the cs-6 they were powered by a Levinson 33H also very good I am just a real big Mac fan so thats what I bought I first used a Mc-300 that was not quite as fulfilling. I have heard of people using the Bigger Krell Amps to good success. My experience has been the room and the positioning are as critical as any other link in the system fire them forward first then toe them in ever so slightly to tune them in keep them as far apart as space permits about 9 feet and bring them together till the center fills in nicely if possible dont put anything between them I use mine in a home theater so that is not practical. Treat your first point reflection on the side wall this will also help with immaging. I can go on for hours if you email me I will give you countless tips believe me I have mine sounding pretty good Thanks John
I have a pair of Thiel CS5i which are more demanding than your CS6 (they used to be the top of the line beyond the CS7...remember?) I brought home and tested in my own system few amplifiers before taking any decision: McIntosh MC602(5),Goldmund Mimesis 28(4),Krell FPB300c(3),Mark Levinson 336(2),and finally a Pass Labs X350(1). I wrote my score between brackets for your information. The PassLabs really outperformed all the other amplifiers!
Good luck with your choice,
I second the Pass Labs choice with the CS6's! I used to sell the CS6's with Pass gear, and the likes of even the X150, 250 or above, all sounded supeb with them!
And I used to sell Krell with them as well. Still the Pass sounded like a better match to my ear. Really, I can't immaging doing much better for any SANE money. good luck
The Classe as recommended to me by Theil himself for my 2.3's.
A friend of mine has CS6 (has had them a long time it seems) and he settled on McIntosh too. He had a Classe 300, then a Rowland (don't remember which), and now an old McIntosh 2300 and loves it to death. I remember he tried a Mc300 for a while but likes the 2300 better. Pass should be good too.
We have the CS6es and after auditioning most of the usual suspects; ARC VT-200 (great mids misses on the details), the new ARC M150 SS (very nice all around and can be multi-channeled), Classe CA-201 (nice mids but really loses detail during complicated passages - I sold mine since), the 300 watt Krell (don't remember the model, great bass could be a little more musical) and finally our choice the BAT VK-6200 which does everything very well and gives up nothing. It runs unbelievably cool and just plain kicks butt. It's not cheap but neither were your speakers. If you're familiar with their tube amps the sound of the VK-6200 is not very different. Take you time and check them all out - just don't skimp.

I would highly recommend Conrad Johnson or Pass.

I am using VTL 300 Deluxe Mono Blocks with my Thiel 6’s. They replaced a Krell FPB 200. The only area without major improvement was deep bass. Try giving TUBES an audition, you may find them to your liking.
A Classe Omicron would make a great match. I used to drive my Thiel CS7.2s with one. Before choosing the Omicron I auditioned the Classe CAM 350s, ML336, FPB300, and MC602. Overall I found the Omicron fuller bodied and more powerful than the CAM 350s, more evenhanded and less dark than the ML336, more musical than the FPB300, and better resolution and extension than the MC602.
I use a McCormack DNA-2Dlx with my 6s and have been very pleased with their presentation. The McCormack has the power for these hungry speakers and the finesse to keep them sounding very musical and pleasing.

I am currently using Alpha Core Goertz MI3 wire which also woke the low-end up compared to the Nordost Blue Heaven I was previously using.
Seems to be a lot of Pass fans out there. I have never heard them with the Thiels so I cant comment on that.
The CS6's are lazy and power hungry, this is truly a case
of more is better as long as it is quality. I currently
drive mine with the Krell FPB300c but plan on upgrading
to the FPB700cx soon. I replaced a Classe CA-300 with the
Krell, big improvment! Originally I drove them with a Sunfire. It seems each time I change my amp, I get a new
pair of speakers too. Good luck