Best Amp for Thiel cs3.7 - Devialet ?

Devialet has really highly praised amplifiers, available with the SAM (Speaker Active Matching) technology optimizing performance exactly for different speakers. Most of the world class high end top models (many Wilsons, Magico, etc.) are already supported by Devialet. However, the fabulous Thiel CS3.7 isn't yet, and needs just a few more votes to get SAM optimization. Has anyone heard the Thiel cs3.7 with a Devialet amp? Check this amp out here and you can vote for the CS3.7 to get SAM:

Any opinions on the Devialet with Thiel?
I am using Electrocompaniet Nemos

Beautiful control

Am waiting to test the new PS Audio Bascom King Signatures next
Sorry, actually the Devialet link is here:

Any cheaper suggestions than the Electrocompaniet Nemo?

the Thiel CS 3.7 is a special loudspeaker indeed. Upon considering a power amp, both high power and high current will produce the best results.

Also, demo both tubed & ss power amps for the best comparison. I love Thiel speakers and they are my reference.
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Older Krell fpb 300 a very good match, I used one for my 2.4's. Also Classe, Pass, Bryston, McCormack, Levinson; all high current amps. The old Thiel website suggested amps that double down.