Best amp for thiel 36

A friend just dropped off a Ayre Vx1 and I am using it with my Thiel 36 -what a magical combo.It does not image in the lower freq as my Levinson 331,but the mids and highs are magical.I am planning on upgrading my amp first-?ayre Vs Rowland 201 monos.Later I would like to upgrade speakers to JMlab mezzo/Revel F50/ultima studio.Any thoughts re ML 336 amps.My taste are cello/trio and vocal jazz.My stereo is a modded sony scd-1,Levinson380s/331 and thiel36.
N Reddy,

Couple of things....first of all I don't know how you can have your heart set on two very different sounding speakers like the JMLabs and Revel?

Are you picking them on looks or are those the best speakers your local dealer carries? (All valid reasons) Because it will take you twenty minutes to decide which speaker you want to pursue and really simplify the task of us helping you, help yourself.

Never buy your amplifier first! you have just experienced amplifiers can fine tune your sound, trying to find a speaker that sounds good with your system is a great deal harder. As you saw, your friend could haul is amp over no problems, taking speakers home and setting them up etc. is a much bigger problem.

To answer your previous question;

Current system:
ATC SCM150asl's...btw they are for sale! Way better than JM Labs and Revel and a solution to your amplifier problems only question your room big enough?

well here go to and click "speakers" for my current speaker systems. Sorry about the music on the site. Click on a picture to end it.

Dream System;

The one you could buy: ATC Concept 6 system with the SCM100ASL's replacing the SCM20's driven by a Meridian 861 and Esoteric P10 for CD and a TAG McLaren DVD Player.

Vinyl isn't compatible with this system

Other system is a bit convoluted to write out but is all in the final design stages, its all digital, uses Scanspeak, Accuton and Seas Excel drivers, the speakers are painted german racing Silver, I have 4 15" digital subwoofers (Faded silver to black) with a central control unit to administer time alignment and compression and crossover duties setup to correct for the relationship of the listener to each speaker. My speakers would be compatible with meridian MHR so the signal is digital until it reaches the speaker drivers.

Maybe next spring i'll have it ready for public display.

And yes I don't dream about a two channel systems; that be like only being able to dream in black and white IMO.
Thanx for the input.These 2 speakers are the big lines that my dealer carries.His store is 300 km away.I therefore value input of other goners.I also would like to have the option of vinyl at a later stage.I am also aware of the synergy between the various components.