best amp for studio 80

i'm looking for a good amp for my studio 80. i'm thinking bet. rotel rb 1080 , mca 20 proceed hpa 2 and bryston 4bsst.which one matches my studio 80.i will use my yamaha rxv 1000 as a preamp for now.
I had studio 80 for a while and used a Bryston 4B-ST. I am sure the 4B-SST is an improvment. But all depend on the source and also with type of cable you will use. There is also you own personal taste.

I find the Studio 80 a bit dry if your source is revealing. Your preamp is not the best...My set up was an Arcam Alpha 9 with a bryston amp/preamp ( BP-25) with Cardas Golden Cross interconnect and speaker cable. Those cable are excellent to warm up the sound.

The rotel is an excellent choice too. But like i said earlier, lot have to do with the quality of your source and the cables.

Basile N
I'm using the MCA 20 with my Studio 100's and am quite happy with it. I would probably be happier with the 4B-SST or one of the other big name high current amps (Moon, Clase,etc). But for the money it is hard to beat the Anthem. The Bryston costs more than twice as much. Running your Yamaha as a pre will get you by for a while but what you really want is a decent pre with SSP pass through. I was using my Onkyo SSP as a pre and things changed dramatically when I added a used Sonic Frontiers Line 1 pre I purchased of a fellow A-goner. Good cabling is a must. Part of the problem is that most SSP's digitize all incoming signals for processing then convert back to analog for output. If you are intent on doing your system a step at a time then go ahead and get the amp. Your bass will improve quite a bit and everything will be a lot cleaner. Add a good pre and source down the road and you will be thrilled. After listening to that for a while you will start considering a second job to pay for new and improved high end stuff. It's almost a disease, but a healthy one. Good luck.