Best amp for Spendor BC-1?

Does anyone have a suggestion?
I drove the next model (SP-1) nicely with a Bryston integrated.
Classé DR-3(3b) or DR3VHC.
Definitely valves (does not work very well with solid state stuff) amazing with with 845 SET despite low sensitivity.
AirTight tube stuff works very nicely with all Spendor speakers including the BC-1. It has the frequency extension needed with this sometimes vaguely "soft sounding" but wonderfully musical speaker.
My Gaincard drives the current SP1/2 wonderfully!
I have sp-100. They are wonderfull with conrad johnson and yba gear
I had the first BC-1's in the country and used them for years, currently using SP-1's and S-100's. Used them with many good transistor amps, did not find them at all fussy. However, they are very revealing so I would suggest that you audition at home if possible.I use Meridian 605's but they are expensive and discontinued. Stan