Best amp for Sonus Faber Cremona

I’ve recently acquired some Sonus Faber Cremona floor standing speakers and would like some recommendations for separates or integrated amps. Since these speakers are 14 years old all the write ups I can find are that old as well. Hoping for some current recommendations under $15k new or used. Room is 16x21 treated and speakers are 4ohm 91db. Please only reply if you have heard these actual speakers as they sound different than the newer lines of Sonus Faber.



What’s your budget?

cause pass labs XA 160.8 is an smooth sounding SS or audio research is a good way to go if you like the high powered tube sound 

What brand of pre amp are you using in your set up?

$12,500 max budget. New or used considered. That amount must include a preamp. Currently have Primaluna Evo 400 and Mcintosh Ma6600 integrated.

Pass labs INT-250 just 500 bucks short of you budget 

From my experience with pass with my gen 1 uno’s from Avant-garde acoustics is that the bigger you go up in there gear (pass amps or integrated amp) you get more body to every sound and wonderful bass extension with the large amount of head room 



Currently using the XA 160.8 mono blocks can’t be more pleased with that kinda power gone thru horns

Never used pass pre amps can’t say

the new INT 250 would pair up well with your speakers

i have listen to your speakers with the previous generation of pass gear i would expect better every thing we n the new ones

I sold my Cremona floorstanders OG version in July after 16 years.  At the end I had them paired with a BAT VK3000SE integrated and the synergy was magic.  Previously I had used them with Hegel and before that VAC monoblocs with Pass Labs front end.  The BAT was smoother, articulate and never seem stretched. Room was 12x23 although effectively the listening area was more like 12x16.   Worth a look