Best amp for Sonus Faber Amati Homage?

I recently purchased a pair of Amati's to replace B&W N802s . I am currently driving them with a Krell FPB300c stereo amp. Front-end is Levinson 390S and 380S.
While I like the sound generally, I'm somewhat dissapointed in soundstaging and imaging compared to the B&W's. Have other found a better amp to match with the Amati's?
- Mike
From what I know, the Krell mates very well with the speakers. You may need to try changing the speaker placement.
The only amps that i have heard that make the Amatis truly sing are CAT JL-1 monoblocks....these tube amps are magical!
My Electa Amator IIs are beautiful, fast, and musical mated with my Edge NL-10. At 225/side w/plenty of high current muscle, the low-end is tight and low (they're acoustic suspension).
This is a special amp, a Golden Ear (TAS) winner a year or two ago. For about half, you can have an M8M, with less power and a tad less musicality. There's one of each currently listed on A'gon (one at auction).
I am no way connected w/the company or any models for sale...). Oh, they are also the most beautiful ss out there (the two brilliant crimson lasers of the NL-10, as seen through the clear acrylic top,are VERY cool).
I would try and get a listen to the new CJ Premier 140 monoblocks with these speakers.
Are you aware that any Sonus Faber speaker is very touchy to room placement? A good starting point is to make sure their close together. I find that all Sonus speakers like to be closer together than what your probably used to doing. They should be closer to the centerline of the room than to the outer boundaries on the side walls. Beautiful wood grain finish on those speakers.
Amatis have a difficult impedance curve, so they need more power than their high sensitivity might imply

Although Krells have crystalline highs and fabulous bass, many suggest the midrange musicality of Amatis favour tubes

I found the right compromise in the new Levinson 432. Not the same bass slam as a Krell, silkier treble a matter of taste, but the delicacy and body around the midrange complement Amatis well
Thanks to everyone for the responses. They were very helpful. After a couple months of playing with different amps (Krell, Pass, Edge), I can confirm with some confidence what Jayme suggested earlier - the Edge NL-10 is a *great* match with the Amatis. In my system, it was clearly superior to the Krell and Pass in terms of sheer musicality and realism. It drives the Amatis effortlessly with no sign of strain, very clean sound, taut bass, and refined midrange/highs. My mission is accomplished. Thanks, Jayme, for the recommendation!