Best amp for simple sound output from computer

It's been a while since I have had a standard audio system (old system was destroyed in hurricane flood), and with my current personal situation, I have been doing all my listening through powered speakers from the audio output of my computer, such as Paradigm Active/20.  I have all my audio files on my computer (or some removable hard drives), and so I am very comfortable with running the source that way.  I also have my movies on my computer, and I stream radio sometimes.  The point is that the old paradigm of a CD player, a tuner, etc. has been completely obviated.  I have a pair of Montana Audio EPS that I had bought a demos from years ago that I have not been able to set up due to space, but eventually want to use them, so I will need to get an amplifier unit.

I suppose that one solution is to just do what I am doing now, taking the output from my computer headphone port and splitting it into RCA plugs to go into the input of the amplifier, but somehow I think this must be a degradation, although maybe the sound card part of the computer motherboard these days might be very high quality.  I also have heard about BlueTooth being an option, such that I play something and the BlueTooth signal gets generated that the amplifier picks up and uses to power the speakers, but I wonder about the fidelity.  Anyway, I don't care to have the input selections on the amplifier all cluttered with input selections that I don't need.

Something else I might be interested in is some type of media player that I could programatically drive from my computer; this media player could be a replacement for the external hard drives that have my complete collection (about 1.5 TB and counting), and would have some type of premium DAC, but I have no idea where to look.

Anyway, I'm open for any suggestions.  I am definitely a newbie when it comes to computer-centered audio.
First question, do you have a desktop computer or a laptop?  If laptop, is it PC or Mac?
Actually, nix that. Probably the easiest solution is to get some sort of DAC with a preamp/volume control. I know that Eric likes to recommend the Parasound Zdac. It’s a very nice dac/preamp for the money and you can connect it to your computer using USB cable. Of course, there are better DAC/preamps that are more expensive.

For media player, look into JRiver software if you want your computer to be the media player/storage device. It’s a very nice media software player and it has an excellent iphone/ipad/android app that you can use to control selection and playback of your library. It should interface just fine with the Parasound Zdac.

If you want an external media player device, it can get extremely expensive (in the thousands!).