Best AMP for SF Amati?

I'm looking for the perfect mono amps for my Sonus Faber Amati Anniversario.

I have a set of Pass Labs XA100,5 but i would like a amp with more dynamics like the old Krell's.
The new Krell are not an option, i dont like them...

So witch amps can you recomend and witch amps are SF using on demos an in the house?

I would prefere mono amps and they shuld work with my Hovland HP200 preamp.

I have heard the SF Amati's paired with the Ayre Monoblocks and Jeff Rowland amps with excellent results.
I have had both Amati's & Strad's.
Tubes seemed to work best with both.
I tried SS Nemo's & they sounded great, but the best sound I've ever heard was with the VAC Renaissance Sig. Mk. III 140's using WE 300B's!
I think they sound amazing with a Levinson 532. Not a mono block, very good sound and plenty of power at 400W per channel.
The absolute best amps bar none, if detail, liquidity , and overall naturalness ,is what you desire , then I have the guarneri homage, my friend has the amati futura, I purchased Roger Hebert from wyetech fame his RUBY 211 monoblocks , and my friend purchased his ruby 300B monoblocks truly both spectacular