best amp for Revel Studio speakers

Hello Friends,

Recently, listened to my friend's gear, I felt there's something wrong of his component. He got a pair of Revel Studio speakers, Mcintosh 501 mono amps, Shanling pre amp and Shanling Cd player and Audio note speaker cables. Could anyone tell me what's wrong on this system arrangement and what need to make it sound better?

Mac are slamming amps.Almost smack you in the head. I think or hope your friend meant Ming Da withb a 2A3. The Shengya comes inessentially two variants a price points made very very inexpensively for th caatty link crowd and a piece that use More CNC a in a thing that really looks more like a UFO. The electronics are not impressive bfor the more expensive one poor detail muddy sluddgy yeck.
The sound bis going to be strange I see know synergy mentally but sometimes things that shoud never habve worked sound great.
To keep it brief he is uses all quick reacting sterile cables speakers overly powerful SS main amps main amps. And trying to balance that,too warm it up a sludgyn preamp and CDP.
The Revels really like to see some power and current. The Proceed HP amps are known to work exceedingly well with those speakers.

Hey, shouldn't try to drink and type at the same time. What are you trying to say?
LOL yeah I think Mechans has hit the bottle... but he's right, the Mac amps should be a great match for the Revels. I would look into room/setup
Question regarding the Audio note speaker cables that you mention: Are they bi-wired, or is he using jumpers?
If jumpers, he is not using those crappy metal bars that come supplied with the Studios is he? (If so, have him replace them with something decent. Those bars are notorious for being really bad sounding.) FYI: I bi-wired my old Studios with Audience Au24 cables.

(If your friend is in the SF bay area, have him drop me a line. I still have my Au24 cables, and would be glad to lend them to him to try out, as I am getting ready to sell them anyway.)

Good luck to you and especially your friend.
I apologize for my sloppy typing. I am mildly spastic and only use one or two fingers. Your patience is appreciated.
what did you feel is wrong with the sound? I will tell you that it is not the amps,they sound great with the revels. the pre amp and cd player are not in the same league as the rest of the system, most likely the problem, silver speaker cable might not be a good match either. good luck,