Best Amp for Revel F30

I currently own a Wadia 860x, Revel F30 Performas and leastly and lastly a B&K 4420 Reference Amplifier. I run the Wadia directly into the B&K with a pair of balanced Alph Goertz Silver XLRs. 8TC BiWire to the speakers. My room size is 12 wide by 17 long by 9 high. I listen to a lot of different kinds of music but really enjoy full scale symphonic and female cocalists. Does anyone have any experience with the F30s and a premium amplifier? I'm considering a Mark Levinson 334 but don't know if this is a good combo or if it is enough power for these speakers. I also have considered the Plinius 102. Can anyone suggest reasons for one of these or perhaps something even better with these speakers?
I heard the new Mc tube amp with these and it was very good. I also heard the McIntosh 602 and it was outstanding. All balanced of course; I forget which Wadia but it was at least a 86x. IMHO either was a better match than the ML 335 they had - too electronic sounding.
I heard the Revel M20's with a levinson 383. It was the best sound I've heard thus far. I think the Revels mate well with Levinson gear. Maybe because they are all part of Madrigal and they have good synergy? Not really sure, just know that I really liked it.
I agree with S7horton. "All in the family" seems to work with Madrigal. I run my 20's and 30's off a Proceed HPA2. Seems to give the best soundstage and bottom end without the Levinson 300 series price.
I ran my F30s, first with a Levinson 332(200wpc), and then with two 332s, in a biamped configuration. I was very happy with this combo. The amps and speakers matched up perfectly.
I have found the same with my Revel Ultima Studios and my Levinson 33H monoblocks.
I have noticed a couple of 332s, lately, right here on Audiogon.
I found that the 332 had more than enough power for the F30s.
Just depends on your budget, I suppose.
Good luck, and have fun.
I think the Lev idea is a good one, but I have heard Revel sound great with Mac gear, The Mac sound to me is abit more organic and the all lev system I heard was a bit more clinical with some added detail. Pass Labs woudl also be a good idea if you're into their sound...
I am a tube guy, so I power my F30's with a pair of VTL 185 monoblocks. At 225 watts per channel they provide more than enough power. I think the F30's sound much better with tubes than with solid state designs. However, to really enjoy the F30's at lifelike volume levels, you'll need a tube amp with sufficient headroom to handle dynamic peaks etc.. Low powered tube amps are not likely to get the job done. IMHO a high-powered tube design with the F30's is a great match.
I have the f 30 with an AYRE v3 ,k3 and Electrocompaniet emc mk2. I heard them with the 331 it was ok , I am going to demo the plinius soon I here its a good match
The Revel sound is fairly DEAN-NUTS neutral sounding, and should do well with a lot of options. I think any amp you choose will simply be revealed(no pun) for what it is through the revels largely...that is if you can get away from YOUR OWN ADDED COLORATIONS due to your set up ability! If you make me sound bass heavy, they'll sound warmer overall. If you make em sound lean(via placement), they'll sound a tad hollower and more tipped up on the treble for perceived balance!
I once heard a guy's at his house who had em WAY WAY too close to the corners, and the bass was thick and boomy. The result was a bloated and way warm domination of the midrange.This was different than from what I've heard at shows and demo rooms.
That sais, the speakers are very neutral sounding like competing NHT's, and siimilar in the same price range.
If you like tube warmth, you can add one of those. If you dig solid state, the differences from amp to amp will play through I think.
If you find an excellent high end amp out there from review and suggestions, you'll probably like the sound. After all, the speakers are at least half of the sound of the gear all together. You shouldn't have problems trying different combo's for your ear and taste!
Have fun.
I think the older Threshold T series or SA series should sound awsome for the money with those! Good luck
I have mine connected to a B&K ST-140 and I think it sounds great at mid-low volumes. Everything I've done to my system has made a difference, though. The amp you have I would think is perfect if it's anything like its predecessors. Otherwise, the ST-202 would be my first choice.

I think 'foreververhifi' pretty much nailed it, though. Whatever you hook up to these speakers is what you're going to hear. Also, I think you must decide what isn't your system doing now that you want it to do?

Good luck and happy listening!
Does the F30 need a lot power? What would you say is the minimum requirement?
I can tell you ive read a few reviews where they were
running SS Bel Canto's in differential bridge mode which
is about 400wpc of the most detailed, QUICK, dynamic sound
available. I know i bought one. I havent bought the Revels
yet. Do some research and you will see the reviewers are
going nuts over combo. Everything they say about the Bel
Canto's is true. They are EXECPTIONAL. They have the extra
something that is very hard to explain. The best description
i have heard is they just seem to MORPH into area's where
others can reach. I think the Evo4 is what would do it for you.

here's a link to review:

Good luck and best regards...
If anyone has the Bel Canto Evo4 with the Revels, please chime in. Is it $3,k better than what I have? (ST-140)
I'll wait until I find one used but that's a lot of dough for me.
Just thought I'd post that I've decided to amplify the F30's with an AKSA 100 DIY amp. (

I was seriously considering: Odyssey, Threshold SA series, modified B&K ST-202, BAT, and McCormack. I was primarily looking for used in the $1,000 - 2,000 USD price range. The Odyssey simply had too much hype for me and I know it's not perfect. I heard a pair of monos and they sounded very good but not signifigantly better than the others in the list. I think most people would like them and I could see how they got good reviews.

However, I wanted something a little different and the AKSA fit the bill. I get to choose what it looks like, learn a lot about amps, and deepen my enjoyment of this hobby.

I will report back the results of this amp in a separate post when I compare it to some others in a controlled environment in late March.