best amp for Pro Ac Response 2

I have a Roksan Caspian integrated. I would appreciate any recommendations
The Response 2 loves tubes, including single-ended triodes. The pair I owned is now owned by a close friend who drives them with 6-watt SETs and they sound glorious. These are great speakers.
I'll second Dopogue re: tubes. I ran mine with both a pair of Quicksilver Silver Edition Mono amps as well as an ARC VT100. The Quickies were a bit dark for my taste. I'll note, as a side reference, that at the time the Response 2s were made, ProAc voiced its speakers with ARC gear.
I am using Rogue Magnum 88 w/ a Magnum 99 pre with my Studio 250's and they sound great.
Thanks for the comments. Here is some additional information. I have a Rega P-25 TT and Cartridge. A Quicksilver Phono preamplifier. A Linn Genki CD Player. I listen primarily to female vocalists and jazz. My former speakers were SPendor 9/1, but I recently moved and they are too large for my new music room.