best amp for PMC MB1 speakers?

Hello you out there. I need your advice, because I cannot decide if I should get a Plinius SA250 or a Bryston 14 B SST amp to drive my large PMC MB1 speakers. They are very revealing, and need lots of power. I use a Sony XA7ES as source, but plan to upgrade next year sometime to something with 24/192. My Plinius 8200 mk 2 sounds great, but only to a certain volume, but the speakers could go much further.
Many thanks for your input.
bryston..a perfect speaker too.
I am using a pair of 7BSSTs with Cardas gold cross wire pushing my IB1s. It is spectacular. Deep bass with control, gentle natural mids, and wonderfully airy highs. Can't recommend them enough!
14BSST or a biamp setup with 7BSST's on the bottom and a 4bST on the top. You cannot go wrong with Bryston/PMC as a combo as that is what they are specifically designed to be used with.

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Disclaimer...I sell both!